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The Tap Van
The Tap Van
The Tap Van

The Master Plumbers & Mechanical Contracting Association of NSW

Frequently Asked Questions

Plumbers or Retailers?
Both, we are fully licensed plumbers with vast experience in all facets of the plumbing industry. We know what works, what looks good and we know what is required for individual installations, this unique position allows us to recommend the right product for you.

Are Tap Van prices competitive?
We sure are, with our unique relationship with Caroma Dorf we can compete with all the major retailers throughout Australia, buying direct from your plumber also saves time and money.

Can I order online?
Absolutely - browse for the product you want, send us an email and we will email or call you to confirm your order.

Can I purchase from the Tap Van and have my own Plumber install the product?
Of course, we understand if you have a good plumber you want to hang on to them, order over the phone or online and we will get your order to you, delivery free of charge.

Do Plumbers buy from The Tap Van?
They certainly do. Plumbers know time is money, having our mobile show room on-site at a time that suits saves time and money. Plumbers often have us meet their customers on site, working together to get the right products for their individual requirements.